Dominic Scott
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But the dinners, under the giants of lights, are special… Tria is surrounded by fountains and sheltered among the vegetation, which embraces the glazed structure that can be completely opened from module to module, allowing you to see the majesty of the buildings that surround it, both by day, like when night falls.

It also has a large outdoor terrace that invites afterwork to relax and disconnect with colleagues, friends and a few drinks from €8, and you can even reserve any area for private events.

Dominic Scott
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Tria Restaurant Cuatro Torres

Distinguished, elegant, in the most fervent area of the moment in the capital and also with a very well executed cuisine that makes you fall in love. Tria Restaurant Cuatro Torres has just settled at the foot of the skyscrapers of Madrid at the hands of José Antonio García, executive chef of the firm with more than 25 years of experience both in national and international cuisines, after harvesting for 5 years of successes in its Valencian headquarters. And coming from Levante, his cuisine could not focus on better flavors than the Mediterranean, with special attention to some rice dishes that the professional kitchen team nails in flavor.